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All aboard…THE MISHY-MOBILE!!!!! October 11, 2008

Filed under: Ramblings — mishymoshy @ 5:49 pm

Yeah baby!! I gots me a car! Or rather my daddy got me one 😀 It started with me saying I want a banger, something with character, something where the only way to get in is through the rear passenger window, something whose stereo only has one volume (preferably LOUD), something which will only lock under a full moon when the magic word is said….but something which has ELECTRIC MIRRORS. Electric mirrors were vital. I am terrible at parking and they really do help. After a week or so this something turned into a polo. Then a purple polo. Then I felt guilty and let it drop….but then I brought it back, purple polo! They rock! I ended up with a polo. It wasn’t purple. But it looks like a banger. I’ve only seen a pic of it and I found out about it on my lunch break when my bro text me saying we’ve got you a blue 1.4 polo. That was all I knew for a few hours until I received an mms an hour later containing the pic, boy was it fugly. I giggled. I didn’t care I had a car! When I got home, looked at proper pics and heard that it needed new wheels as well as new trims (two had been stolen) and that one of my beautiful electric mirrors is cracked,  my stomach started to drop a little. Then the final blow. I heard that a purple polo I had found in Ashton was still on sale. Why didn’t they get me that instead of this ghastly diseased thing?? My bro couldn’t stop laughing and then finally I couldn’t either. I got my ‘banger’. It’s sick. Literally. The purple polo’s next on my list, and I’ll save and buy and love it all by myself. Then a Beetle. Then a Golf. Then I’m not sure. Anyways, I got the most important thing on the way home, a casette adaptor for my ipod, wooooooo!!!!!! We pick it up on Mon, wheels get added and it goes for a clean on Tues and it’s ready to go on Wed. Watch out people, I can’t drive.


10 Responses to “All aboard…THE MISHY-MOBILE!!!!!”

  1. shusheep Says:

    You have a CARRRRRRR!!!!!! I WANT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WANT A MICRA to start off with! but WOOOOOOOO a CARRRRRR!
    Yay, now i can have lifts to places!!!!!!! hehe!
    It aint a bad colour, you could have had worse! Maybe you could spray paint it purple, hehe.

  2. The Ruler Says:

    congratulations! I really should be pushing my parents for dricing lessons. I feel deprived 😦

  3. ymiss Says:

    yaaaaaaaaay!!! This is so much better then a polo neck top ;)…could you pick me up on staurdat please around 5.30ish you can take me to dinner – now theres a way to celebrate 😉

  4. hema Says:

    ooohh i hadn’t seen this when i text you! now i def know that my car is better than yours. yours is a better colour though. blue and purple are both good. x

  5. mishymoshy Says:

    ShuShu – i was thinking about getting it painted but it costs too much. Hopefully it’ll either grow on me or I’ll get a new one ina year (yeah right!). I don’t mind though, there has to be SOMETHING about your first car thats horrid, at least with mine its the colour and not that it doesn’t work (I haven’t actually driven it yet tho…)

    The Ruler – I’ve been driving for jus over 2 yrs and only jus got a car. It was fun driving my sisters tho. You should def learn before you’re like ymiss and ShuShu (i.e. scrubbers)

    ymiss – I still need to ask mum! If shes ok with it tho then yeah I’ll pick you up

    hema – yours is a worse colour than this?? I must see. i bet your car smells. my bro was right, you’re weird :p

  6. a tail of thoughts Says:

    whoooohoooo a polo……………yay we have somethin in common…we got polos as our first cars……..aww its not fugly….i dnt think…..its nyc!!! it’l get u from A to B…so tis alll gud!!!! ures is different than myn in looks..i have the one with round lights…. but its a volkswagen so i guess all the isnide is the same lol i love my polo…..but i think im gonna get a new car nxt yr (i wish)…..i really want a bmw (i wish again)…..hahahaha but its soo nyc take a loook,,1156___bs-MQ%3D%3D%40bb-S08wNw%3D%3D%40sit-bmwuk,00.html?requestSource=topnav)

    i need to try and think of away to persude my dad ……..any ideas?? hahahaha my polo has done just over 60,000 miles do u think thats a good enuf reason?? hmmmmmmmmmmm i want a ride….and a race….my polo will kick ure ass…..hehehe xxxxxxxxx

  7. mishy Says:

    I love my car now. tis beautiful. the blues not as bad in real life.

    Had a v v v bad experience though yday. I took my ipod out of its holder thing, put the tape away…then forgot the ipod was in my lap. As I got out the car it fell onto the floor (this has happened before…) but even worse, straight into a huuggeeee puddle. I didn’t notice though, went into the shop and when I came out I realised my ipod wasn’t on me or in my bag…it wasn’t in my car either. Then i found it. I was so shocked I dropped my keys into the puddle as well 😦 i’ve dried the ipod up and it seems to be ok but i’m still sending it off coz i paid bloody 50quid for this extra guarantee, might as well use it. i hope they send me a new one back, i only bought it last year, ahhh this is depressing I thought i was over it.

    atot – i like that bmw, please don’t get one. i can imagine you in a proper bmw though, one with a back, you know what i mean you hot shot you.

    jtm – can i have a comment now?

  8. […] I have been dying to write about my new car, just to say it is better than Mishy’s new car, but don’t actually know a lot about cars so that’s all i have to say on that […]

  9. you know sometimes i think my car is cursed….do you get that feeling too??

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